The birth of a Motorsport enthusiast was marked by the first sports car that rolled off the BMW factory in the early 20th century. Enthusiasts, at times, played a fundamental role in shaping the company and fostering growing popularity for motor racing. After spending hours on documentaries, I commend BMW for listening and taking into account opinions of its fans and offering several milestone products that appealed to the very soul of such diverse group of Motorsport lovers. My first (but certainly not the last) M experience was behind the wheel of an E36 M3. It was somewhere around 6000 rpm in second gear that I realized how BMW M is not just another sports car – not only does M stand for Motorsport, but it is an embodiment of adrenaline-generating thrill, mathematic precision, magnetic beauty, as well as raw and analog feel that connects the driver to the very machine she/he is operating.

Being an artist and a math teacher, as well as having a die-hard enthusiast as a husband, it was only a matter of time before I made a Motorsport related artwork. Creating this piece was not easy – I wanted to capture the above mentioned precision and the pleasure of driving throughout various eras of Motorsport. In addition, I wanted my artwork to include easily recognized elements that would excite enthusiasts.

I began with selecting the correct color combination. I quickly ran into a dilemma as I found out that BMW had changed the colors of Motorsport several times since it was originally launched. Picking which generation was best was a debate that I did not want to be involved in. Instead, I included a total of nine Motorsport color tones from different generations. The color change is presented in the artwork from bottom to top, from original colors to the middle era and then to the modern.  Original colors of blue, purple, and, orange transition to the middle — bright light blue, primary blue, and dark red, and finally blends into the current M colors of light blue, dark blue, and bright red. The BMW roundel and the oscillating tachometer arrow of an E30 M3 were chosen to be the center pieces of my work. I felt that these two elements truly introduced the M division to the world as well as portrayed the kind of driving that made M cars exciting to their fans. Elements such as traction control light were included because a large number of enthusiasts frequently drive with traction control off for a more puristic experience. The E46 M3 CSL was one of the major milestones and it is represented here by the CSL wheel, the front brake rotor, and the SMG gear indicator. Certain trim variants, such as the M Alcantara cloth interior, were a highly sought after items, which is why this is also included in my work. Smaller items were obtained from other M vehicles that include E36 M3, E46 M3 and others.

Dedicated to my loving husband, Ivan.

After returning to California from a 7-week vacation in the enchanting land of Southern Russia, I was thoroughly rejuvenated in the deepest depths of my mind, body, and soul. There were many people who touched my heart in a way that opened my eyes to see things I had never seen before, even though they had always been there. One of those people was my mother-in-law, Evdokiya. Deeply inspired by her character, I felt the need to create something visually powerful. Powerful enough to capture a glimpse of her impressive strength, the coexistence of her realistic mind and an optimistic outlook, her beautiful radio voice, her sense of humor, and lastly but hardly the least, her blessed heart overflowing with love, even for me.

This traditional Russian folk design is called Khokhloma (Хохлома), one of the oldest Russian designs featuring raspberries with its leaves and flowers. Red, black, and gold are prized colors in Russian culture, so I have tried to stay true to tradition. Of course, red represents passion, vibrance, and love. None of which was there any lack of during my trip :) I already miss Russia <3

My mom, Penjit, is a true inspiration. As a young vibrant girl, she had always dreamed of finishing college, just like her brothers before her. Without continued family support, she was only able to finish a part of her education. Fast forward about 21 years where her two children are off in college, leaving her with more free time than she knew how to handle. Her lifelong dream came back to visit and she decided that nothing is gonna stop her now. Together with her sister, they enrolled in weekend courses to finish their bachelor degrees, all the while working their day jobs as usual. At the age of 52, my mom had finally fulfilled her dream and graduated from college with honors! It is never too late. I am VERY proud of her.

Letter R is the first letter I made for my classy favourite aunt. From the very first time you meet her, you will get a sense of her sophistication, but what you will never forget is her laughter. It is as if: If it isn't work time, we'd better be laughing our asses off! Oh she is a very fun person, always telling laugh-out-loud stories, and making funny remarks in whatever activity we do. In her 50's, she also went back to get bachelor's degree at the same time my mom did. And you can bet they had a blast every weekend class ;)

The tools I use to create these paper sculptures


Life in Letters

Each and every letter holds a special story that moved me and continue to impact my life. I choose to tell it with one medium — paper — a medium both strong and fragile at the same time. Just like life.

Altogether, all the letters tell a condensed life story consisting of beauty, struggle, intrigue, and greatest of all, love. Each story, each person, each thing chosen to represent a letter in the alphabet is what makes up who I am as a person, a wife, a daughter, a graphic designer, and an artist. 

2014 - present | Paper and glue